cryptocurrency philippines Anna Nuet was born in Vilanova
i la GeltrĂș, Barcelona in 1982
where she also carried out her
studies. She moved to
the capital city of Barcelona
to pursue her interest in
fashion and personal image.
She took classes for three
years at Llongueras.
Her first professional
experience was in the Salva G
Studio for two years. Afirst
of a kind studio in Barcelona
located in the heart of the
city, since 1989, frequenting
actors, musicians and models
trained in the newest trends
and styles. Other experienced
was gained working during
the Barcelona Fashion Week
and many other events
in the city.
how to trade bitcoin in the philippines After working for four years
in another hair salon in the
city, she began her career as
freelance, dividing her work
between studios, advertising
and fashion photography.
Some of her highlight
works appear in commercial
collaborations for brands
such as: Coca Cola, Baileys,
Voll Dam, Spanish Christmas
Lottery and in various works
of photographers, such as
Ferran Casanova.
Her desire to learn and be
enriched by what goes on in
the world led her to move
to New York City where she
currently lives.

4 Responses to About

  1. cryptocurrency exchange philippines Anna, so happy to see your doing great in the Big Apple you’re the best Hair Stylist. Let me know when you visit Barcelona my hair misses you!!!!

  2. Thomas from Barcelona / Munich says:

    I need & miss your haircut too.
    Your haircut is the best haircut that I’ve experienced in my life,
    definitely the greatest haircut ever.
    You’re the best hairsylist that I’ve ever met. Your work is really amazing!
    Big Up!

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